Why you want me to be your City Commissioner

I am running for City Commissioner because I deeply care about Royal Oak; I love my home, my neighbors city-wide, and the small businesses I support every day. I want to continue living in my home as I age and want to see the city continue to be user-friendly as an attractive, safe place to live for our new young families and for our aging population as well.


I believe in our wonderful community. I believe in growth and progress. However, it is critical that growth is well planned and not at the cost of runaway city spending. I believe city government finances should operate like we residents handle our personal home spending, with accountability, checks and balances. I believe keeping our small town feel as we grow and progress is of the utmost importance. Royal Oaks’ charm and unique identity within the region is our strength and must be protected. I believe we must protect our environment. We are role models for our children when it comes to environmental stewardship.


With your help we will make Royal Oak an even better place to "live, work and play" for all. I am grateful for this opportunity and look forward to serving as your City Commissioner.


"I am not a politician, I’m your neighbor. I don’t have a hidden political agenda, a business to promote or a ladder to climb. I don’t have to worry about granting or repaying “special” favors. I don’t owe special interests anything. I am different. Unlike some politicians who seek local elected positions as a stepping stone to higher office, for me, serving as your City Commissioner would be the greatest privilege and the only place I want to be."

Royal Oak Community Issues I'd like to Address First
Our Senior Citizens
  • Senior Advisory Board: Re-establish the stand alone Board with a mandate to be proactive in identifying short and long term goals and make recommendations to the city commission for implementation.

  • Accessibility: Create handicap parking throughout the downtown

  • Royal Oak Manor: bring back permit parking at a reduced cost and add a traffic light for pedestrian street crossing

  • Communication and Education: Use multiple sources (direct mail, email, newspapers, web, etc.) for educating seniors and senior caregivers as to what is already available, such as: Loans and services for home maintenance and improvements that support aging in place projects.

  • Transportation: Educate seniors and caregivers about transportation services; MyRide2, Royal Oak Senior Center transportation and SMART. 

  • Intergenerational Activities: “Kids working with Seniors + Seniors working with Kids”: -Actively seek partnerships with schools, scouting groups, The Boys and Girls Club to create inter-generational opportunities for learning. Create tutor/mentorship programs.  For example tech savvy teens could give lessons in parking meter, smart phones, computer and social media usage.

Our Safety
  • Maintain a fully staffed and equipped Fire and Police Department: Fire Department Station 3 is short staffing ONE ambulance for responding to emergencies.

  • Reinstate the Liquor License Review Board to ensure accountability and oversight: Reign in Over-serving by  bartenders. Make bar owners accountable per Michigan Law!

  • Install Security Cameras in parking structures and other public spaces as deemed necessary to promote safety, security and a sense of well-being

  • Let’s make improvements without raising taxes! There’s a lot of money out there- let’s find it!

  • Create a Citizen Grant Writing Board with a charge of pursuing grants to fund programs, services and upgrades to benefit our Library, Animal Shelter, Senior Center and environmental stewardship education.

Our Environment

It’s time to take a citywide environmentally sustainable approach to dealing with rodent control, mitigation of storm water run-off and the use of poisons, pesticides and fertilizers.   

  • I propose ongoing community engagement via educational speakers and programs to encourage citywide citizen participation in environmental stewardship.

  • Sealed recycling refuse containers in our downtown and parks

  • We need rodent proof dumpsters emptied before overflow occurs and an ordinance to ensure that happens.

  • Create a reward system of tax credits for mitigation of storm water run-off and community recognition awards for environmental stewardship efforts

Our Animal Shelter

The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated   –Mahatma Gandhi

  • Commit greater city funding and support for the care of animals at the shelter

  • Seek grants to cover the costs of spay/neuter and medical treatment

Our Built Environment
  • Citizen Input Town Hall to gain input from all stakeholders to establish priorities regarding development throughout our city such as; High Density Development, care and  maintenance of green spaces, city services, infrastructure
    improvements and maintenance i.e. road diets/bike lanes

  • Sustainable development: build it wisely-encourage natural solutions, permeable surfaces and environmentally beneficial landscape choices

  • Strategies to encourage aging in place and additional Senior friendly housing options.

  • Expand communication for those citizens who don’t use the internet via mailed notices, notices included with water bills and inserts within the Royal Oak Review newspaper

  • City Hall: Whoever answers the phone should begin by telling you the department and their name. Institute a call center queue process for inquiries with City Hall to include an incident reference number.

  • Reestablish City Manager meetings with representatives from homeowner associations, as well as, regularly scheduled meet and greets with city department heads

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